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Jacob Klompstra

03-03-1948 –  27-12-2017




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 Description of the book and additional info

Thklompstra_jacobe book describes the life of Jacob Klompstra, age 60, who suffered from ADHD his entire life, but was only recently diagnosed.

The foreword was written by psychiatrist Dr Sandra Kooij, an expert in the field of ADHD in adults. It is the first book ever to describe living for 60 years with ADHD from the point of view of someone with ADHD.

The book is intended for those who have suffered from ADHD themselves or have experienced ADHD in a partner or family member. By writing this book Jacob Klompstra is seeking attention for those who have always been deprived of it. It hasn’t been written from a psychological perspective, nor from a medical one but rather based on personal experiences.

The book describes a search for peace of mind and recognition. Jacob suffers from ADHD: a condition which he has had all his life but which has only been diagnosed fairly recently. He has been struggling with the consequences from a very young age. “Being a permanent outsider is unimaginably lonely. I’ve been searching all my life for acceptance, for a place where I can find tranquillity and peace of mind”.

Psychiatrist Dr Sandra Kooij is an expert in the field of ADHD.

“This condition is a life sentence. Less than 10 years ago it wasn’t even officially recognized as an adult disorder, but it’s not something which diminishes or disappears when one comes of age. In addition ADHD is hereditary and can be passed on within families”.

Jacob Klompstra: “Looking back on my youth, I can see now that my father must have suffered from the same condition. And within the family there were others with ADHD too. As a result my childhood was indescribably difficult, with parents who encountered tremendous problems with me and especially a father who was so chaotic that he was incapable of dealing with the chaos I caused. At school I was always falling behind in class and bad grades were the order of the day. On top of the ADHD, I also had difficulties with reading ( dyslexic) and arithmetic (dyscalculia); both of which were not recognized at that time”. “You’ll never amount to anything” was all I  ever heard. Well, they should take a look at me now and see what  I’ve managed to achieve despite all the obstacles”.

Jacob’s life has been characterized by trying things out, trying to get himself organized, setting boundaries, excessive alcohol abuse and a tremendous lack of time in which to do everything he wanted. This has led both to sad experiences, as well as highly entertaining situations. In this book he recounts the story of his life, his experiences and his search for life. It’s a story with sad but also amusing aspects. It’s the story of a man who could never understand why he was so chaotic, who had great difficulty organizing and clearing up, who could just never sit still. It’s the story of a man whose youth was characterised by impulsive behaviour, incomprehension and the inability to alter the situation.

Before ADHD was diagnosed, Jacob constantly had so much to do and so little time to do it. Those around him could not comprehend his tremendous drive and limitless energy. For the past few years he has been on medication, which enabled him to introduce some structure into his life resulting in more peace of mind. He married for the second time. His wife Linda is his coach. She knows why he’s not like other people, helps him to stay focused and takes him as he is: a man with ADHD who still doesn’t have enough time to do everything he would like.

This book is intended for everyone who has lived themselves with ADHD, or has experienced ADHD in friends or family members. It’s the story of Jacob’s life, seeking attention for those who have always suffered from a lack of attention.

The book is also intended for social workers, physicians, doctors, nurses, teachers and everyone who (in a professional way) deals with  children and adults suffering from ADHD.


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ISBN: 9781616275488

Fireworks on the brain
Jacob Klompstra;

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