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People who  care about Jacob Klompstra:

Linda Klompstra – Rieff

Wilma Klompstra

Demi van Wanrooy

Laura van wanrooy

Dennis van de Lely

Arjen and Aartje Miedema

Wim Rieff

Henk and Janny  Rieff

Trinus Riemersma, Author

Tjikke Sijens – Riemersma

Frances Beek,  director of Castle Craig Netherlands

Karin Bloemen,  Dutch artist and member in the order of Orange-


Marjolein Blok

Drs. Ingrid de Caluwe, member of  Dutch parliament

Steven de Jong,film director,  producer and scenario writer

Fini de Paauw,  chairman of CG-council

Mr.Dr. Jos de Waardt, former  director of VWS

Desiree Deusings,  nurse

Prof. Dr. Heleen  M.Dupuis, member of the Senat

Frans and Marijke  Durge

Arjan Erkel, Dutch  cultural anthropologist

Prof.Dr. Karel  Gill, general practitioner and medical

Arianne Groenendijk

Jeanine Hennis –  Plasschaert, member of parliament

Drs. Marlise Hot

Dr.Dave Huitema,  environmental scientist

Mr.Drs.Nicole Kien,  lawyer of KienLegal B.V.

Cees de Vroomen,  president of KienLegal B.V.

Mr. Esther Rommel,  director of Fiscaliber who advises lawyers

Fenny van Es, Ph.D.  Management Consulting Pharmaceuticals &


Dr. J.J. Sandra  Kooij, one of the first psychiatrists in Holland who

discovered that  also adults may suffer from ADHD

Jason Kook, golf professional

Tanja Petersen, nurse

Drs.Marjolein Kuijpers

Drs.Karina Kuperus

Margreet Lommerts, manager Security and Cargo at Association

of European  Airlines

Mr.Machel Nuyten

Mr.Danielle Oliviera

Prof.Dr.Arnold Oranje, dermatologist

Kees and Heleen Parent

Drs. Margaret Pelt

Frank Rijkaard, ex  professional soccer player

Mr.Francine Rosier – de Nes, Senior legal expert labor

Drs.Mark Rutte, prime minister and minister of general affairs

Edmee Schepens

Edith Schippers,  health minister

Ellen Spikkert

Helga Tempelaar

Erica Terpstra,  former chairman of NOC*NSF

Drs.Judith Tielen, general secretary of the Labor Party (VVD)

Vrouwke Urban

Anouchka van Miltenburg, member  of parliament

Drs Erica van Barneveld – de  Lange

Onno van Beek

Madelijne van de Wouw

Drs.Judith van den  Berg

Drs. Rob van der  Plank, chairman of the board

NPI foundation

Carla and Paul van der Veldt,  Opera Familia

Roos van  Prommenschenckel, chairman of the ‘Roos

Prommenschenckel  Foundation’

Jan van Zanen, mayor of  Amstelveen

Diane Vergouwen

Jannie van de Groep

Willemijn  Vriesendorp-Policy, assistant to MEP Renate Weber

Drs.J.J. Van der  Woude (for years he was the family doctor to the

Klompstra family  and his wife and he meant a lot to us).

English version available

ISBN: 9781616275488

Fireworks on the brain
Jacob Klompstra;

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